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Sunday Morning Worship
10:30 AM

Fellowship and Family Bible Hour
9:30 AM

Wednesday Prayer Meeting
7:00 PM

Weekday Bible Studies


Rev. Wayne Sedlak graduated Grove City College with a B.A. in Business Administration, minor equivalent in higher mathematics, and studied economics under Dr. Hans Sennholz, student of Ludwig von Mises. He graduated Cum Laude from Reformed Episcopal Seminary (RES) in Philadelphia (a seminary known for its defense of the Christian faith), earning his Masters for Christian pastoral ministry, languages/history, and Christian education. Wayne also has a deep understanding of the Hebrew and Greek languages.

While there, Wayne worked in inner city ministries for poor families, Vietnamese refugees, and Korean immigrants (training them to adapt to American society, speaking English, and Christian training). Wayne also worked at a school for the blind in Philadelphia from 1975-1980, and was a missionary to South Africa in the late 1980s. Wayne trained at RES for church planting and building and interned for home missions work – all of which became focal points of his ministry throughout the years to follow. He later pursued additional studies toward a doctoral concentration.

After teaching a number of years at Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Wayne established a “homeschool academy” in southeast Wisconsin in 1991 to assist parents in teaching a Christian worldview in fields such as history, economics, entrepreneurship, logic & debate, and the U.S. Constitution & Government.

Reformation Hope Church’s ministries have also spanned work in radio programs and interviews, the pro-life movement, and a number of networks uniting churches to active involvement in the decisions of our nation, the largest of which was the Parent Information Network (PIN), which used the churches and homeschoolers of the network to rally a defense against a number of anti-Christian and anti-homeschool bills and movements.

Wayne has been featured on VCY Radio in Milwaukee and has hosted radio segments focusing on the historic and archaeological nature of biblical narrative and evidence surrounding the life and events of Jesus Christ. He has also interviewed figures at the top of their fields and movements, including Dr. John Baumgardner and John Selck. Along with area churches, Rev. Sedlak and Reformation Hope Church has actively promoted saving the lives of the unborn throughout the Milwaukee region.

Wayne has authored a number of books and audio sets as a historian in three fields: Ancient Near Eastern history, American history, and modern historical studies. He has authored a number of books and position papers in logic and debate, counseling, theology, and Christian politics. He is the author of The Debate Strategies of Jesus Christ, The Hebrew Republic,  The Everything Revelation Library...