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Sunday Morning Worship
10:30 AM

Fellowship and Family Bible Hour
9:30 AM

Wednesday Prayer Meeting
7:00 PM

Weekday Bible Studies




Teacher – Wayne C. Sedlak, ICHR (Founder: Institute for Christian Heritage Research)


  1. The Bible is the inerrant and inspired Word of God and is the Standard given by God to all people for the evaluation of truth, good and evil.
  2. Jesus Christ is the only Way by which a person may be redeemed (“saved”) from sin unto eternal salvation.
  3. Jesus Christ was, is and always shall be the Son of God, fully God and fully man - One Person, two natures, as revealed in Scripture.
  4. Jesus Christ is the rightful King of all nations (Psalm 2; Daniel 7:13-14; Revelation 1:5) and of all creation (John 1:1ff). As such, He is to be obeyed, honored and revered (Isaiah 9).
  5. The Bible reveals the full Godhead (Romans 1:18) as a Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – One God.
  6. History is subject to the Glory of God and finds, as its central focus, the Person and Work of Jesus Christ.
  7. God’s people are “salt” and “light,” being keys to the witness of the Truth in Christ and are therefore central to the purpose of history.
  8. God’s Word is applicable to all areas of life. The study of Logic is the study of the structure of man’s mind and reasoning designed to Glorify the Lord who created such a powerful framework as it is written: “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”
  9. Logic is not only the study of such a framework; Proverbs 1:1 – 7 gives us a listing of the operations and functions of the skillfully trained and disciplined mind of a son or daughter.
  10. Fallacies (counterfeit arguments) are, unfortunately, and part of the world we live in and a part of our thinking as well. Such fallacies, being commonly held misrepresentations of truth and reality, must be carefully identified and distinguished so we are able to protect ourselves and the Truth, being able to give an answer for the reason for the hope within us.


The purpose of this course is 1) to provide instruction in the formal disciplines of Logic (in its several kinds, including and especially the most powerful, most accurate form called “Symbolic Logic”) but to do so from the Scriptural record that identifies the Laws of Logic and their use in the ministry and Person of Christ. 2) The course also teaches the student to be forewarned so as to identify a range of fallacies so commonly used. 3) Finally, the student will learn how to take the operating functions of Logic and the presuppositions identified in Scripture so as to go “beneath the argument” and identify the process of thought being used by the arguer.
The course has been praised for its powerful impact and call to faith in Jesus Christ, who is the centerpiece, focus and purpose of all thought, as it is written:


Wayne C. Sedlak, lives with his wife Lori in Wisconsin and with over 40 years of experience on two continents, has trained professionally under some of the finest teachers in their fields. Professional teachers who are world-renowned in their expertise and authors in their fields include the following:  premier economist and historian Dr. Hans Sennholz; Dr. Milton Fischer - renowned Hebrew professor, Old Testament history/language and philological expert, Bible translator; Dr. Robert Knight Rudolph - professor of Bible/theology, ethics and apologetics. Dr. Theophilus J. Herter – Greek scholar. Dr. Owen Palmer Robinson - professor in Old Testament/history. Dr. Raymond Dillard – philologist/historian, Hebrew and language expert and Bible translator. Dr. Jesse Boyd – historian and language expert in Hebrew, Syriac, and Philology. Perry Marshall – world recognized expert Internet marketing, Jay Abraham – considered one of the top marketing experts in the world. Tom Antion - one of the early Internet marketing experts/public speaking trainer. Jason Potash - early Internet marketing expert, writer. Todd Dotson – real estate expert/online marketing expert.

In his graduate studies Wayne has his Master’s Degree which included specialized training in the ancient languages (7 languages), historical studies, presuppositional logic, Christian/pastoral counseling, missions, and pastoral preparation. He has been a Special Speaker throughout the country in matters pertaining to the Bible and education, homeschooling, geopolitics, Christian entrepreneurism, Christian perspectives in history, logic and argument. He has been considered an expert witness in a court of law concerning home schooling and Christian education.

Experienced Status as an historian due to 40 years of teaching at the high school and collegiate level (with his own authored text book used at the collegiate level as well). Wayne has authored hundreds of articles (including “ghost writing” professionally for many experts in their respective fields), audio productions, position papers in many diverse fields – historical, ethical, logic and critical thought, economics, health and nutrition research, Christian business/entrepreneurship marketing, debate, missions, apologetics, theological studies, ethics, Christian counseling/psychology. He is the author of 38 books over the last 14 years. He has been a syndicated online writer and a radio talk show host of his own shows. He has been the Founder and Director of 12 organizations, all devoted to Christian ministry and/or Christian business services.

Position Papers/White Papers include over 100 special reports: Black Regiment- the first of its kind in the country responsible for the now current emphasis on pastors as the “Black Regiment” (other authors have also written upon the subject since that publication, adding “Black Robed Regiment”), Great Awakening, Interposition, Revolt of the Lesser Magistrate in the American War of Independence, Magna Charta, a variety of English and American historical topics, South Africa missions, and many others.

Missionary to southern African nations (Zulu, Bophuthatswana, South Africa), churches. Addressed military bases and police departments throughout southern Africa concerning Humanism, Liberation Theology and Marxist radicalism. Special Speaker throughout the country in matters pertaining to the Bible and education, homeschooling, geopolitics, Christian entrepreneurism, Christian perspectives in history

As a professional educator (40 years): Logic, Economics/Entrepreneurship, Ancient History/Foundations of Western Civilization, Medieval History, Modern History, United States History, Debate, Algebra I, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Geometry, Advanced Math, Calculus, English Composition, Theology, Apologetics, Greek. He and his clients have been on Front page GoogleTM in over 10,000 places in the last 12 years.

Take one, two, or three CORE CLASSES in ONE DAY.
Combination online high school work with weekly Classes which begin on Thursdays in September, 2016

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Teaching in a “classroom setting” and taking notes.
Slide presentations as a function of lecture/teaching will also be included at different times throughout the course presentations.
Online audio and video access will also present materials for course use and outside the course reference and review.

The course is not designed to burden the student (and the family) with “busy work.” Each student will learn how to take notes effectively (that too is part of learning process generated in the course). Quizzes on the notes will be given frequently, necessitating homework study.

Course quizzes will be emailed or put up for parent online access as well and administered by parents. All grading done by the Academy. (We may use “schoology” site ONLY for quizzes/testing and announcements…TBA)

There will be several exams sent home to be administered by parents. All grading is done through the Academy.

Since this course doubles as a Bible course as well, students will learn from reading in their Bibles about events and persons, especially in the Old Testament.
Special articles and materials will be given throughout the course, in addition to the note-taking and is expected reading for each student. In this way, students are given college and university preparation to the degree possible at the high school level.

Unfortunately, so many Christian textbooks in this field prove to be little more than secularized histories, punctuated by biblical citations added therein. But the evaluation of the historical material all too often proves to be something deficient in its defense and use of Scripture. Therefore no textbook is required for this course. However the student will have an abundance of materials to weigh and consider. All materials will be sent home giving parents the opportunity to openly peruse the materials. If a textbook for “ancient history” has already been purchased, that CAN be used as reference material and even useful for assignments by the instructor (the class size makes this possible). However, the note taking and class work will be sufficient.

The Bible will be used as a Textbook. Impress is made upon the student of the powerful place the Bible has in the hands of professional and scholarly presentations.

COURSE OBJECTIVES (general but comprehensive)
  •     Objective 1: Above all else, to show the student the Majesty of the Triune God and His Son Jesus Christ, demonstrating the absolute accuracy and description of the Inspired biblical record concerning the framework of man’s creation in God’s Image. That image of the ONE TRIUNE GOD is reflected in the order inherent in the Laws of Logic and sound thought (Proverbs 1: 2 – 7), constituting a real call for students to weigh carefully and consider the case for a strong Faith in Jesus Christ.
  •     Objective 2: To teach the student how to focus in their listening skills and how to take accurate, concise notes. (This is a preparatory skill for both listening and focusing attention while learning how to organize. This is an invaluable scope of college and future work skills.)
  •     Objective 3: To give the student a clear understanding that Logic, properly presented and understood presents PROOF of the EXISTENCE of the ONE TRUE GOD revealed in Scripture. Students will see and understand such proof of the existence of our Lord.
  •     Objective 4: To give the student a firm grasp of the nature of arguments known as "fallacy." The objective here is the student to identify fallacy when it is used, or not be taken in or snared by it, and also how to properly respond when it is used against him or her.
  •     Objective 5: To give to the student a firm grasp of underlying power the objectives of sound, orderly thinking for EVERY DAY USE in the AFFAIRS and EVENTS of DAILY LIVING. In other words, this a course designed for practical use as well as theoretical understanding.
  •     Objective 6: To give to the student a thorough understanding of the fact that thought, as a discipline graded by God, is not as a random series of events – but was designed by Him to bring us into conformity to the Word and will of the Living, Triune God.
  •     Objective 7: To give to the student a clear understanding that the nature of everyone’s use of “presuppositions” - both good and bad- is fundamental to the development of premesis and arguments. For over a century, logicians have used the word “presupposition” to identify man’s use of preformed assumptions of three kinds: 1) simple premises, except that is true, and taken into arguments for use; 2) world view assumptions (For example, an assumption that might express a thought “I believe man is basically good.”); 3) presuppositions the individual assumes to be true or false without realizing their use in existence (Romans 1: 18).
  •     Objective 8: We will also show how Logic successfully lends itself to sound foundational interpretive disciplines. “Interpretation” becomes an objective study, as opposed to the current approach of the modern world which abandoned interpretive certitude for a world of pure relativism, humanism and even mysticism.
  •     Objective 9: Students will learn to use their Bibles in learning logic, identifying fallacies and applying God’s holy precepts to real-life situations.

COURSE TOPICS/UNITS (Instructor reserves the right to address the topics in a different order when necessary)
  1.     Introduction to logic and its subject matter is defined biblically
  2.     Introduction on the nature of “fallacy."
  3.     Introducing the “laws of logic” (basic) and their illustrated use throughout Scripture and in the ministry of Jesus Christ.
  4.     Must we argue…?  From language to “proposition”
  5.     From the presupposition to its use as premise in the structure of arguments
  6.     Reason as created by God and Reason perverted as rationalism
  7.     Question Framing: To what are you committing?
  8.     Question Framing: Fallacies
  9.     Defining Worldview: Overcoming the Fortresses in the World’s hostility toward Truth
  10.     The Unbeliever’s Dilemma: Moral Absolutes
  11.     The Unbeliever’s Dilemma: The Uniformity of Nature
  12.     The Unbeliever’s Dilemma: “Logic and the Problem of ‘Universals’”
  13.     The Unbeliever’s Dilemma: “Freedom and Dignity”
  14.     Truth Tables
  15.     Paradox
  16.     Misconceptions and biases
  17.     Inductive Reasoning
  18.     Deductive Reasoning
  19.     Propositional Fallacies
  20.     Faulty Generalization and Causation fallacies
  21.     The Concept of Indirect Proof
  22.     The Concept of Direct Proof
  23.     Premises and the Problem of Inconsistency
  24.     Informal Fallacies
  25.     From premise to laws of logic to conclusion
  26.     “Red Herring” fallacies
  27.     Inconsistency: The terrible enticement of “proving anything”
  28.     Syllogism and Truth
  29.     A simplified scheme of propositions
  30.     Opposition of propositions: The Logic Square of Opposition
  31.     Structure and rules of syllogisms
  32.     Formal syllogistic fallacies
  33.     Further development of Symbolic Logic: Basics for use
  34.     Quantification fallacies
  35.     Reductio ad Absurdum


    The Holy Bible, Old and New Testaments
    Textbook: The Debate Strategies of Jesus Christ (arranged as an discounted offer; to be made available in downloadable form). TBA
    Supplies and/or tools: Spiral notebook or three (or more) ring binder for taking notes, Pen (blue or black pen ink only), no pencil.
    In lieu of notebook, a laptop computer can be used for note taking. Notes, whether handwritten or computer generated will be turned in for grading. In other words, make sure you can print them out if you are using a computer to take notes.


Homework in this course beyond note taking. Questions put up in online access.
There will be grades given, both in percentile and letter grade formats, which each parent may convert to the grading scale used in their home school. The letter grade will be given by the instructor, reflecting our grading scale. However, individual home schools are hereby given full freedom to apply percentiles they use for the conversion to letter grades in their own school.

    Course components:

    Component 1: Several tests (about once per month) Take home to be proctored by parent or someone chosen by parent (Class time doesn’t allow for test time in class).
    Component 2: Homework and/or quizzes which account for homework preparation (Knowing their notes as homework). Done at home. Online access.
    Component 3: Participation in class
    Component 4: Notebook graded twice/once per quarter, each as a test grade.
    Component 5: Attendance
    Component 6: Final exam

Difficult-to-quantify issues such as effort, improvement, and participation will be considered and included in grading.

Students at the lower levels of Grades 7- 9 are graded on a different scale of difficulty. Over the years we have had many younger students who have done very well despite the high level of the course! We credit that to the fact that many home schools are able to put their children ahead of their years in maturity. Nonetheless, younger students will be graded on a different scale.


This ministry (“Academy”) and its coursework is provided under the authority of Reformation Hope Church. This church uses the lower level of the Reformation Lutheran Church (not affiliated):915 Adelman, Brookfield, Wisconsin  53045


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Take one, two, or three CORE CLASSES in ONE DAY.
Combination online high school work with weekly Classes which begin on Thursdays in September, 2016