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Sunday Morning Worship
10:30 AM

Fellowship and Family Bible Hour
9:30 AM

Wednesday Prayer Meeting
7:00 PM

Weekday Bible Studies



Wayne C. Sedlak, with over 40 years of experience on two continents, has trained professionally under some of the finest teachers in their fields. Professional teachers who are world-renowned in their expertise and authors in their fields include the following:  premier economist and historian Dr. Hans Sennholz; Dr. Milton Fischer - renowned Hebrew professor, Old Testament history/language and philological expert, Bible translator; Dr. Robert Knight Rudolph - professor of Bible/theology, ethics and apologetics. Dr. Theophilus J. Herter – Greek scholar. Dr. Owen Palmer Robinson - professor in Old Testament/history. Dr. Raymond Dillard – philologist/historian, Hebrew and language expert and Bible translator. Dr. Jesse Boyd – historian and language expert in Hebrew, Syriac, and Philology. Perry Marshall – world recognized expert Internet marketing, Jay Abraham – considered one of the top marketing experts in the world. Tom Antion - one of the early Internet marketing experts and an outstanding public speaking trainer. Jason Potash - early Internet marketing expert, writer. Todd Dotson – real estate expert/online marketing expert.

In his graduate studies Wayne has his Master’s Degree which included specialized training in the ancient languages (7 languages), historical studies, logic, Christian/pastoral counseling, missions, and pastoral preparation. He has been a Special Speaker throughout the country in matters pertaining to the Bible and education, homeschooling, geopolitics, Christian entrepreneurism, Christian perspectives in history. 

Experienced Status as an historian due to 40 years of teaching at the high school and collegiate level (with his own authored text book used at the collegiate level as well). Wayne has authored hundreds of articles (including “ghost writing” professionally for many experts in their respective fields), audio productions, position papers in many diverse fields – historical, ethical, logic and critical thought, economics, health and nutrition research, Christian business/entrepreneurship marketing, debate, missions, apologetics, theological studies, ethics, Christian counseling/psychology. He is the author of 38 books over the last 16 years. He has been a syndicated online writer and a radio talk show host of his own shows. He has been the Founder and Director of 12 organizations, all devoted to Christian ministry and/or Christian business services.

Position Papers/White Papers include over 100 special reports: Black Regiment - the first of its kind in the country responsible for the now current emphasis on pastors as the “Black Regiment” (other authors have also written upon the subject since that publication, adding “Black Robed Regiment”), Great Awakening, Interposition, Revolt of the Lesser Magistrate in the American War of Independence, Magna Charta, a variety of English and American historical topics, South Africa missions, and many others.

Missionary to southern African nations (Zulu, Bophuthatswana, South Africa), and churches. Addressed military bases and police departments throughout southern Africa concerning Liberation Theology and Marxist radicalism. Special Speaker throughout the country in matters pertaining to the Bible and education, homeschooling, geopolitics, Christian entrepreneurism, Christian perspectives in history

Experienced Status as Historian due to hundreds of articles, debates, audio production, public speaking, position papers, and authored books. Appeared on almost 150 radio/TV shows throughout the nation and Canada including Marlon Maddox and James Dobson. He has debated in over 400 presentations in a variety of venues on two continents (radio, TV, written, conference).

As a professional educator (40 years): Logic, Economics/Entrepreneurship, Ancient History/Foundations of Western Civilization, Medieval History, Modern History, United States History, Debate, Algebra I, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Geometry, Advanced Math, Calculus, English Composition, Theology, Apologetics, Greek. He and his former clients have been on Front page GoogleTM in over 20,000 places in the last 12 years.

Literary Professional Applauds Teaching
I am a literary professional by trade and a Christian of many years. I am very much committed to a defense of home schooling and Christian education in general. Many textbooks have crossed by desk claiming to be "Christian".

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Anna Vallo
Literary Specialist, Editor