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10:30 AM

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9:30 AM

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7:00 PM

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Reformation Hope Church is pleased to invite you to join us for our 2015 Christian Vision and Worldview Series!

7-8pm with Q&A following

Location: 915 Adelmann Avenue (Lower Level) Brookfield WI

This year’s series promises to be an encouraging and edifying time of teaching, fellowship, and prayer. As always, each lecture session ends with the popular question and answer session. We ask you to please consider joining us for this very special series!

Our presenter in 2015 will be Rev. Wayne Sedlak. With 40 years of experience in the ministry, 25 years of experience in Christian education, and a working knowledge of ancient Hebrew and Greek, Rev. Sedlak brings an uncommon depth of knowledge and passion for the Word of God.

Thursday, January 22nd TABLE OF NATIONS
Did you know the ancient Chinese knew the histories of Genesis? That the Romans, Greeks, and ancient Indians knew of the coming of Christ 1,000 years before His birth? How did they know these and many other Scriptural truths around the world? Join us as we examine how one book in the Bible, described by arguably the greatest archeologist of the 20th century as “a remarkable document”, one “without parallel among all the peoples of the ancient world!” answers these issues, and MUCH MUCH more!

Thursday, February 5th SOLOMON’S WISDOM
Coming out of wars, civil strife and plague, Israel was devastated. Yet Solomon’s wisdom led the greatest, most rapid economic and social recovery in history! How did he do it? We will examine how Scriptures' details carefully studied, provides us with personal insights that give us God’s “economic genius” for recovery and rebuilding our economic lives. Solomon taught his people .. and now he can teach us from Scripture’s vast economic precepts. Solomon understood this genius. We can too!

Thursday, February, 19th A CLASSIC IN TWO PARTS: PILGRIM’S PROGRESS (Part 1 of 2)
The Chancellor of Oxford once told the King of England, “Sire, if I could preach like the tinker (mechanic) preaches, I would gladly lay down all my honors.” He was speaking of John Bunyan, author of the renowned Pilgrim’s Progress. (Believed to be the second-most widespread book in existence surpassed only by the Bible.) Join us as we examine this spiritual allegory that follows the path of Christian, a man weighed down by his burden of sin. A family favorite in our wordlview series.

Thursday, March 5th WITNESS IN THE STARS
Many Christians have heard about the “Gospel in the stars”. But, do you know who first described that magnificent Testimony? Where did the testimony begin? Which of the prophets gave the stars their different “meanings”? What exactly are those testimonies in the sky? Find out what they mean, and how nations around the world gained this extraordinary knowledge throughout history.

Did you know that Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland, wrote the book to help children understand “fallacy” – those “false thinking patterns” so common to each of us? A fun journey through Lewis Carroll’s “Alice” – drawn through biblical perspective – will provide us with a delightful evening of Scriptural insights about how virtue, “thought” and fallacy all too often combine to derail the besth of intentions (and our “walk”).

Thursday April 9th A CLASSIC IN TWO PARTS: PILGRIM’S PROGESS (Part 2 of 2)
We continue our look at John Bunyan’s masterful expose of the heart of man and the Gospel. Attendance at Part 1 is not a prerequisite for this lecture.

Why are children of Christian parents too often bored with spiritual truths in church and home? The book of Proverbs identifies one particular problem that can bring ruin to the soul of “the son” in that book. That one ruinous affliction of the soul is a scornful heart. Could our churches unknowingly be contributing to the problem, now pandemic across the country?
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