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4. Objective 4: To give to the student a thorough understanding of the fact that history, as a discipline, is fulfilled – not as a random series of events – but in conformity to the work of the Living, Triune God.

5. Objective 5: To get to the student a clear understanding that history goes far beyond “kings and battles, battles and kings” but also includes the study of the culture carriers: The arts, music, literature, law and government, medicine, languages, trade and business, money and finance, family life, religion (true and false)… all as evaluated from God’s Word.

6. Objective 6: Throughout the course, as we study the different civilizations, we will examine the ways in which prominent historians show their biases, prejudices and engage in the use of fallacy in the presentation of their materials. We will also show how history is drawn successfully from sound foundational interpretive disciplines. “Interpretation” becomes an objective study, as opposed to the current approach of the modern world which abandoned interpretive certitude for a world of pure relativism, humanism and even mysticism.

7. Objective 7: Students will learn to use their Bibles in learning history, studying biographies, and applying God’s holy precepts to real-life situations.

Teacher – Wayne C. Sedlak, ICHR (Founder: Institute for Christian Heritage Research)


1. We unapologetically believe the Scriptures to be the inerrant, inspired Word of the Lord. We believe the scientific basis of a six-day Creation, Worldwide Flood in the days of Noah, The historic spread of all nations from their inception after the Flood as revealed in the Table of Nations (See the course Ancient History below). We believe that the Book of Proverbs provides families with in-depth training and social commentary necessary foundational principles of life and its interpretation in the history of nations.

2. All throughout the course we will apply CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES – derived from Scriptures alone – to the evaluation, investigation and discovery of the meaning and challenge of history, America’s Heritage and the major events surrounding America in the world of the last 100 years. At no time do we leave the student the vision of a “secularism” that can claim its “victory” over the Truths of Christ and His Word. Quite the contrary. We will take the Scriptures – for example the in-depth commentary given us in the Book of Proverbs – and hand them as precepts to our students so as to build up their faith, give them vision for the future, and help prepare them for a world they must face.

3. We believe that history demonstrates the ongoing work and Presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, the triumph of his Holy Precepts in the life and character of change lives (such change the direct result of a new nature, repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Himself ONLY).

4. This course IS DESIGNED for preparation of Character, Calling, Discernment and Maturity as it handles the problems of the modern world without compromising the principles of Christian faith. Academically, courses are not based upon anything less than training the minds to focus on the lectures presented. In 40 years of lecturing and teaching (to quite literally thousands of students nationwide) hundreds of those students have come back to us testifying to the immense impact it has made in their collegiate lives (a few of whom are cited on this page), since this course teaches them how to take notes, focus on information presented in lectures, determine what’s important and less so (prioritizing information) and how to organize their understanding of the materials for the sake of testing at a collegiate level… while still in high school! (We do take junior/middle school students as well. Give us a call to find out how we accommodate these students in this Program.)

Certified Nursing Assistant
I took Ancient History from Pastor Sedlak when I was very young. My friends around me helped me along as the courses are challenging, but I am really thankful my mom made me go. The classes gave me an understanding of my faith as they dug deeply into the "whys" of life. I'd recommend this course for any high school student and any advanced middle school individual. You will not be sorry... challenged, but not sorry!
Susan Opitz
Port Washington, WI


1. Foundations of America: A Review of the Great Christian Principles that Built America

Early America was heavily influenced by the Christian church and faith. The testimony and influence of the colonial era is incontestable: The famous visitor Alexa de Tocqueville, an author who would gain renown for his social commentary on America and its beginnings in his famous Democracy in America (1840), made the statement…

“In was in the English colonies… better known as the states of New England, that the two or three main principles now forming the basic social theory of the United States were combined. New England principles spread first to the neighboring colonies and then…to those more distant, finally penetrating everywhere... Their influence now extends beyond its limits over the whole American world…” - Alex d’Tocqueville, Democracy in America, Book I, ch. 2 - 1840

The great American historian, Joseph Dorfman speaks of the Christian influence as the dominant, FORMATIVE, influence in early America…
“From the Bay Colony came the great intellectual leaders, the theologians who became the leaders in the establishment of New England colonies... Nor was its influence restricted to New England, for its ideals and aspirations… became the dominant influence in the development of the United States.” - Joseph Dorfman, The Economic Mind in American Civilization, vol. 1, ch.3

2. Capturing America’s Past: A Review of the Major Movements and Events of American History through 1900:

This “review” is pursued from the perspective of the stream of events moving decisively out of our past and into our current affairs. What were the major events , occurring throughout the 1700s and 1800s, that gave our country its momentum into the modern world? The War for Independence, the rise of the Constitution and its influence, struggle over the tragedy of slavery, the American Civil War, the rise of the enterprising American and the Industrial Revolution that followed him into the late nineteenth century…are just a few of the issues we will review in the beginning of the course. Students will have a thorough understanding of the powerful issues – “good” and “bad” – that began to shape a maturing, increasingly powerful United States of America.

3. The Historic Movement Away from Christian Moorings:

Just as important to learning what principles constituted the foundational planks of the governing principles of early America, it is necessary that students learn all about the influences that moved our country slowly away from those foundational principles and their Christian social fabric, once so prevalent throughout America. How did it happen that our Christian legacy, so dominant for so long, is no longer understood… and inadequately taught (of defended!) today, both in the pews and throughout the general culture of the country.

The forces that moved America away from the Christian Faith included the darkness brought on by evolution, social reform movements, the Public School as the replacement for Christian schooling, the rise of Big Government, the Social Gospel, the social fabric torn in the American home and the impact of war.

4. The Birth of the Modern:

America entered the 20th century as a great industrial and agricultural Giant. Almost immediately, Americans were faced with assassination of a beloved president, the crisis of economic depression in the Panic of 1907, monumental and disastrous changes to the political economy of America beginning in 1913, and the impact of World War upon America’s way of life. Americans recoiled as the Modern World continued to pressure the Christian Faith and its churches for answers. Scientific achievement, new ideologies, a “new economy” with the “new approach” to money, business, banking and finance all combined to crush old and American Ideals and beliefs. The Modern world was opened to American commerce, American ideas and missionary expansion even while the foundations of the Christian faith were stressed here at home!

5. America Awakens as a New Society

                  The Roaring ‘20s shock Americans into the realization America’s Past was no longer its future. “Morality” was redefined and a new Social Gospel heralded
                  an allegedly more modern approach to understanding Christ and faith. Emerging from such alleged morality was FDR’s New Deal and the crisis and causes of
                  yet another Depression foisted upon America.

                  World events move rapidly as dictatorships in Europe, Japan, and Russia emerge alongside radical cultural transformations that shock Western
                  Civilization. World War II brings head-on collision of East and Western cultures, culminating in the deaths of millions of people worldwide. With this came
                  rise of Soviet and Chinese Marxism and the enslavement of whole societies around the world. This is the advent of the Cold War and ideological contest of
Great technological, social and economic changes move just as rapidly across the history of the mid-20th century, each one of which brings challenges in a world fast claiming to be “Post Christian Era.” Yet, Christian Faith continues to grow throughout the world and events worldwide are often shaped by Christian world views testifying to a world increasingly engulfed in confusion and darkness.

This era studies the events and biographies of the mid-20th century, as America, though dominant in world affairs, increasingly finds “Herself” resented. During this era, not only does America fight the Korean and Vietnam Wars, but the peaceful 50s are shattered by rebellious events of the 60s generation. Thus begins the era of an overtly anti-Christian society in America with startling changes in morality, family, music, drugs, education, radicalism. Yet again, God raises up individuals who pilot movements destined to strengthen the churches amidst disastrous cultural fallout.

Throughout all we’ll see how the different American Presidential Administrations confront events about which we will learn in this course. Their mistakes, their triumphs and their disasters will all be examined.

Current events that face us today all have their moorings in the movements of this era: Islam, the drug cartels, oil energy and economic strife, socialisms of all types, fractured economic theories,

6. America: The Current Affairs Challenging Us All Right Now…

The sixth major section of our history takes us from the end of the 20th century into the 21st century and the new millennium. Here we see the events that face us today. We study many facets of current events – all the while and always applying the principles of the Christian faith as applied to the events, statements and principles we see in the news.


1. The Holy Bible, Old and New Testaments
2. Textbook: None, although textbooks already acquired by parents can be given special attention for reference reading. (To be discussed later.)
3. Supplies and/or tools: Spiral notebook or three (or more) ring binder for taking notes, Pen (blue or black pen ink only), no pencil.
4. In lieu of notebook, a laptop computer can be used for note taking. Notes, whether handwritten or computer generated will be turned in for grading. In other words, make sure you can print them out if you are using a computer to take notes.

1. Students at the lower levels of Grades 7- 9 are graded on a different scale of difficulty. Over the years we have had many younger students who have done very well despite the high level of the course! We credit that to the fact that many home schools are able to put their children ahead of their years in maturity. Nonetheless, younger students will be graded on a different scale.
2. We do the grading of tests and all other work.
3. This is NOT a course designed to consume your student. We do not “load up” the student with “busy work.” Homework is often learning his/her notes taken in classes.
4. There will be grades given, both in percentile and letter grade formats, which each parent may convert to the grading scale used in their home school. The letter grade will be given by the instructor, reflecting our grading scale. However, individual home schools are hereby given full freedom to apply percentiles they use for the conversion to letter grades in their own school.
5. Course components:
a. Component 1: Several tests (about once per month) Take home to be proctored by parent or someone chosen by parent (Class time doesn’t allow for test time in class).
b. Component 2: Daily quizzes which account for homework preparation (Knowing their notes and reading also taken at home due to class time constraints).
c. Component 3: Participation in class
d. Component 4: Notebook graded twice/once per quarter, each as a test grade.
e. Component 5: Attendance
f. Component 6: Final exam
6. Difficult-to-quantify issues such as effort, improvement, and participation will be considered and included in grading.


To be announced (TBA)

1. Building evacuation procedures: TBA
2. Contact information for parents to be provided by each student.

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