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Sunday Morning Worship
10:30 AM

Fellowship and Family Bible Hour
9:30 M

Wednesday Prayer Meeting
7:00 PM

Weekday Bible Studies


Reformation Hope Church is named for the Hope we have in the Lord who has brought about Reformations throughout history. The power of a Justifying Faith in Jesus Christ has repeatedly changed whole societies, countries and economies. A justifying faith has brought about the rise of a Royal Priesthood of believing Christian people who are called by the Triune God of the Bible to bring Hope to a world of darkness, oppression and sorrow. (distinctive beliefs)

We certainly believe our generation is experiencing the beginning of Reformation today. Where there is enough data available, the concept of “reformation” demonstrates historically - biblically over 100 consistent cultural developments as Scripture teaches.

The Lord is pleased to bring consistent issues to bear upon the Church and society in each Reformation. “Judgment begins in the House of God”, therefore the Lord brings change and powerful maturation to pass, making His Church the primary means of expanding a new way of living, i.e., the Christian faith and ethic. This, we believe, captures the essence of the promise that a mountain will grow in the earth and above all other kingdoms.

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